Beaumont Yacht Club, 560 Marina Drive, Beaumont, Texas 77703  409-832-1456

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From the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway take the Neches River upstream approximately 18 miles to Beaumont. You will pass the following list of landmarks in order from the Intracoastal Waterway.

*  Veteran’s Memorial and Rainbow Bridge  (State Highway 87)

*  Port Neches Park   (Port Side)

*  U. S. Maritime Mothball Fleet  (Starboard Side)

*  Port of Beaumont   (Port Side)

*  Kansas City Southern Railroad Bridge   (13’ Clearance. Call 800-892-6295 to have bridge raised)

*  IH10 Bridge

As you come up to IH 10 Bridge , you will see an oxbow on your Port Side. Avoid the northwest shore as several old ships and barge hulls lurk just underwater.  Stay to the east side of the river in 20 plus feet of water and pass under the Bridge. On the port side under the bridge lays another submerged wreck. The starboard side is fine.  Since the current is fairly strong, especially in Spring, run a bit upstream before turning to port and into the yacht club. Stay well to center.

The Beaumont Yacht Club is immediately after the IH-10 Bridge on the Port Side.

Beaumont Yacht Club, 560 Marina Drive, Beaumont, Texas 77703

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